Teaching & Business Mentorship Program

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What is the Mentorship Program?

Rainbow Kids Yoga Teaching and Business Mentorship Program

Let us hold your hand and encourage you along the way as you start your journey of being the most amazing Kids Yoga teacher and yoga business entrepreneur!

The Mentorship Program is designed to help you put everything you have learned with Rainbow Yoga into practice and share the Rainbow love and magic far and wide.

We truly believe that by sharing life lessons and wisdom through experiential learning with the next generation can positively change the world, and we want you to be a part of this change with us!

This program is open to all graduates of the Level 1 or 2 Rainbow Kids Yoga and the Rainbow Yoga 200/300 Hour Training program and is designed to be completed within 6 months.


How Does It Work?


Rainbow Yoga Training Mentorship Program

The Rainbow Kids Yoga Business & Teaching Mentorship Program is a 6-month distance-learning practicum that is custom fit for each person depending on their needs, goals, gifts, and opportunities. 

You choose your start date and complete the program in your own community, but you are far from alone!

You will have a Mentor (an RKY experienced graduate with a thriving yoga business) who will guide and support you through monthly Zoom calls AND you have the ongoing support of the rest of the RKY Mentorship family, including past graduates of the program and Mentees from around the world who are growing and evolving in the program, just like you! 

The Mentorship Program Challenges You To

The Mentorship Program Challenges You To:

1. Practice and embody fundamental Rainbow Kids Yoga principles while gaining experience teaching and finding your own unique style. 


2. Discover and manifest your intentions, desires, and potential while building momentum as a children’s yoga professional/business in your community. 


3. Create and fortify connections in your community while cultivating simple and smart business practices.


4. Study, explore and create valuable resources to support and inspire you and others in the areas of planning, teaching and managing your classes, employing simple secrets to personal and professional success, and exploring karma, service, and mindfulness. 


5. The Rainbow Kids Yoga Mentorship Program is an intense program involving lots of hard work, but it will pay off as you gain the confidence, experience, and practical tools necessary to make Children's Yoga your fun and enjoyable livelihood.
Rainbow Kids Yoga Training Mentorship Business Program Community


6. Here, you will dig deep and work hard to reveal and share your unique gifts and approach to sharing yoga with the world. You will have our guidance along the way and access to a lot of amazing resources, but ultimately the final result will not be served to you on a silver platter, it will be your own achievement!
Rainbow Kids Yoga Mentorship Program - Teaching Community



Rainbow Kids Yoga Business and Mentorship Program

During their first month, all Mentees begin planning and teaching classes in accordance with the Rainbow Kids Yoga way, which means FUN, CREATION, & CONNECTION! Also, through a variety of creative journaling assignments, the first month reveals how the program can best serve the individual. At the end of month 1, you and your Mentor determine which projects will be the best fit for you, modify them accordingly, and together you create a timeline for completion.  

Each month thereafter you will work on your chosen projects and will have a couple of monthly assignments released to you one month at a time, plus the ongoing adventures of planning, teaching and reflecting on your classes, inventing and sharing new yoga poses and games, and connecting with and building your local community.

All of your work will be delivered, shared and received with love by your Mentor and the global RKY Mentorship family through our online teaching platform, which is accessible only to Mentors, Mentees, and Alumni. 

There, you will be supported and inspired while in turn supporting and inspiring others on their journey, sharing experiences, asking questions, engaging in lively discussions and caring for each other all along the way.


Meet your Mentors:

Yasmin Wright

Luzette Singh-Williams

Lesley Carney



There are five main components to the program and a variety of assignment possibilities for each. Each assignment has elements of one or more of these components, and Mentees explore each component to some extent in their custom program.

These components are:

    • Teaching
    • Research
    • Invention
    • Business
    • and of course, FUN!!

The teaching component consists of planning, teaching and reflecting on 2 classes per month. Through this, you will gain experience in creating and teaching kids, family and community classes and events for the different ages and abilities and emerge a more capable, confident and competent teacher. 


Rainbow Yoga Training Circle Community Business and Mentorship Program Outdoor In-person Grass

In the research component, you will explore our favourite resources; books and articles written by spiritual leaders or inspiring professionals that will widen your perspective, deepen your understanding, and inform your teaching and business philosophy and practices.

In the invention component, you will unearth your own unique yoga, creating new poses, games, flows and resources, adding new surprises to this eternally evolving art!

And, you can’t be a teacher if you don’t have students, so in the business component, you will discover and explore tools and practices to develop and grow as a children’s yoga professional or presence in your community so that you have continued opportunities to teach and grow.




 Luzette Singh Williams


Owner of Youth Yoga


Youth Yoga Ltd


Nicole Elliot

Owner and founder of Nics Yoga for Kids

Southport, Australia


"My experience so far with Rainbow Kids Level 2 Training has been amazing! My mentor Jamie has given me great guidance and yet on occasions a gentle push to work things out on my own. My class sizes have grown and I am only halfway through the program. I am feeling much more confident and prepared in my business achieving things I never thought possible. A community that encourages you to grow yourself in a supportive environment of mentors and mentees."

Nathalie Velasco-Tan

Owner and founder of Stretch and Sparkle Kids Yoga

Manila, Philippines


“Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in your program.  I learned a lot and grew professionally and socially over the past several months.  As I went through the monthly tasks, not only was I given tools to find my own teaching style, but I was also encouraged to deepen my personal practice as well.  We grow a lot when we are gently pushed out of our comfort zones.  The activities in the program allowed me to overcome my shyness and widen my network so I can achieve my goal of showing that yoga is for everyone. I am also thankful for the support system that being part of the program has created for its participants.  It's really inspiring to hear words of encouragement from teachers all over the world through Facebook and Ruzuku.  My monthly calls with Vanessa are always full of words of wisdom and positive energy that motivate me during the course of this 6 month program and beyond.”

Ella Isokov

Founder and Owner at Stellar Kids Yoga

Toronto, Canada

www.stellarkidsyoga.com, www.ellaisokov.com

“The creative and organizational input throughout the course was very useful as it all came from people that have been sharing the love of yoga with children for a number of years.  I cannot recommend Rainbow Kids enough! You will get everything you need to run a diverse, inspiring and fun-filled yoga class in any venue, which will have kids falling in love, getting hooked on yoga, and become life-long yogis.”

Brittany Logsdon

Founder and Instructor at Trunk to Tail - Music & Yoga for Children
Toronto, Canada

"Training with Amanda and Rainbow Kids was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Amanda’s passion, knowledge, and experience in the world of kids yoga helped me become the teacher and business owner that I am today.  Rainbow Kids Level 1 trainings are dynamic, joyful, heartfelt and stock full of amazing games, activities, and knowledge - all relatable and accessible. And the Level 2 program gave me the all the tools I needed to hit the ground running right after graduation."

Tammy Fulton
Founder and Director at Yoga Sublime
Prince Albert, Canada


“The RKY Mentorship Program has been tremendously helpful to me in developing my yoga business and my skills as a yoga teacher. Currently, I am in the process of expanding my business. I have purchased a building, am renovating and will be opening on September 1st, 2015!!!! We will have classes of all styles and levels, including programming for kids and families. The skills and knowledge I gained through my RKY mentorship have helped me immensely in this next, big, step.”




If I register and pay now to get the discount, can I delay my start date?

Yes, absolutely! The Level 2 program is a big commitment so we understand that you may need to delay your start in order to prepare and focus your attention. After making your payment, just let us know when you'd like the training to begin and we'll get you set up to start the program at that time. To register, click here  (Link to registration page).

Am I able to make monthly payments?

Yes, that is no problem. Our payment plan for the early registration rate of $1800 is 3 installments of  $630, equaling $1890 to include a $90 processing fee.   For full tuition the 3 installments are for $730, equaling $2190, again including a $90 processing fee.  We will set up these payments to occur in the first 3 months after registration.

How is the program customized for me?

This is definitely not a cookie cutter program; it is unique in that it is custom fit for each person depending on your goals, gift, opportunities, and location in the world. The first month is designed to help you envision your ideal life and business, asking you to dig deep and dream big so that you can come into alignment with what you truly desire to create. This work will lay the foundation for the direction you choose for your course. Your mentor will guide and support you through this decision, and together you will determine which track best suits your vision and create a timeline for completion. Each track offers many project options to choose from and customize just for you.  Whether you are just starting out or have already been teaching and running a business for some time, Level 2 is about getting clarity about your vision, gaining confidence in your unique teaching style, and serving your community while growing personally and professionally. 

When I complete the program, will I be ready to start my business at the end?

No. You will be ready much, much, much sooner than that! In the first month you will clarify your vision for your business, while at the same time reaching out to and teaching within your community. In the second month, you will begin to prepare professionally and in month 3 you will hone in on building your online presence to stretch your reach! All along the way you will be expanding your teaching schedule and adding new tools to your business belt. At the end of the 6 months, you will have established a budding kids yoga business to call your own! 

What types of people are the Mentors?

Our Mentor team is comprised of Rainbow Kids grads that have built thriving kids yoga businesses around the world, who have been specially chosen by Gopala and Amanda,  including a few of our Senior Trainers. For a full list of level 2 Mentors and their bios, click here (link to mentor page/senior trainer page).

What types of tracks and projects are included in the course?

There are 4 different tracks which have been designed to serve various areas of your business. Each of these tracks contains a set of projects (some of which overlap within the tracks) for you to choose from! All projects and tracks are customizable to fit your goals within the program.

  1. The Business/Creative Track is catered more towards individuals who are just starting out with their kids yoga business. If you are looking to launch your program full throttle in your community, then projects such as building a website, branding your business, creating a customer avatar to understand your target market, creating a promotional video, and hosting a fun community event are sure to be powerful steps for you. 
  2. Teaching/Creative Track helps you to further develop your unique approach to teaching kids yoga through a number of projects like creating yoga sequences, curriculums, resources and more.
  3. Business - Research and Planning Track inspires you to delve deeper into building a business that resonates with your mission. Some projects include a social media project, developing a business plan, and book study about spiritual business. 
  4. Sharing and Service Track will connect you with your community, challenging you to share the joy of yoga in new and creative ways to serve a special need. To accomplish this, you may explore a book study/community service project, mindfulness project and more!

During the month 1 Skype call with your mentor, you will work together to determine which track and projects are best suited for the development of your business and modify them accordingly. You will have the following 5 months to complete the chosen projects, and your mentor will assist you in creating a timeline for completion AND help you stay on track. All of these projects are SO important and truly help build your business. No matter what track you choose for your Level 2 program, you will eventually want to do ALL of them! Luckily, you will have access to our online learning platform forever after you graduate, so you can come back and revisit them anytime.

What is the program like?  

Rainbow Kids Level 2 is a journey, both into your own heart and out into the world. In it, you will dig deep and work hard to clarify your vision, hone your unique gifts and serve your community through them. The program requires hard work, dedication and perseverance and while it's up to you to stay motivated, you will have lots of support.  You have monthly Skype calls with your mentor, access to our online learning platform and our private Facebook portal where you connect with people all around the world who are working on the program too. There are ongoing assignments to be completed each month, one or two additional small assignments each new month,  plus several larger projects that you and your Mentor will choose and tweak to specifically assist in the goals you have within the program. For full details on how the program works and what to expect, click here (link to the L2 page).

What is the workload? 

The workload is moderate to heavy, requiring about 300 hours of your time over a 6-month period, and for sure you will need discipline and focus. The work is invigorating though and your time is spent in a variety of ways; planning, teaching, reflecting, creating, reading, marketing, researching . . . it’s not about the hours, it’s about the heart.   The Level 2 journey is a process both dynamic and organic, and definitely unique to each individual.  Bottom line - you will get from the program what you put into it.

How does the program work?  What will I get from it?

The RKY Level 2 program is an amazing way to help you reach incredible heights within your teaching and business as a Kids' Yoga instructor!! It is built upon the RKY principles of FUN, CREATION and CONNECTION, but at the same time it is designed to assist you in finding your own unique, authentic voice and teaching style. You get the support of an incredible mentor for the six months, as well as the ongoing and forever support of a global network of mentors, past graduates and the RKY senior trainers! We work with you through an AMAZING curriculum, which RKY has developed to truly be exactly what you need to put on roller skates during your business building process – helping you find your voice and success in this field so much quicker!! Through our online learning platform you have access to the curriculum and online discussions with this team forever, as well as support though a private Facebook community. Being a business owner leaves you to make a lot of decisions on your own, but with the support of this amazing community and team of kids yoga enthusiasts you can go farther, faster, and bigger! We are SO much better together! For full details on how the program works and what to expect, click here (link to the L2 page).

What types of assignments are there?
The ongoing assignments consist of teaching kids and/or family yoga classes and reflecting on each teaching experience, inventing new poses, taking yoga classes, collecting testimonials, being active on your Facebook page, sharing and commenting in our online learning platform and having fun! The monthly assignments help you prepare professionally, by prompting you to make new contacts and build relationships, discover new opportunities, increase online presence, and develop your unique teaching approach, etc. If you are interested in learning more about the projects, see the FAQ: What types of tracks and projects are included in the course?

What sort of qualifications would I have at the end of the RKY Level 2 program? Does it qualify me as a RCYT (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher)?

Rainbow Kids Level 2 is a distanced learning practicum and Mentorship program that challenges you to grow as a student, teacher and professional in your own unique way. Once completed, you will receive a RKY Level 2 certificate of graduation, you will be listed on our RKY Level 2 graduates page, and you will have permission to use our special RKY Level 2 logo on all promotional materials, BUT BETTER YET, you will emerge with teaching experience and professional momentum that is more valuable than any designation.  

Currently only the Australian Yoga Alliance recognises the Level 2 program as part of attaining the RCYT designation.  In Australia the Rainbow Kids Level 2 Program combined with the 3-day training and First Aid training will qualify you as a RCYT, the highest designation you can get as a children’s and family yoga professional. 

The North American Yoga Aliance requires that you complete a 200-hr teacher training PLUS a 95-hour Children’s Yoga certification with a registered school in order to become a RCYT.  95-hour programs differ greatly from our Level 2 program in that Most of the 95 hours are contact hours with a teacher in a classroom setting.  In Level 2, your classroom is your community, your teachers are your little students!  Both programs have value.  We offer a 95-hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training, which when combined with your 200hr yoga teacher training, will qualify you for a RCYT designation. To learn more about our 95 hour training, click here (link to 95 hr training page).

Do you find that graduates can teach successfully with the RKY Level 2 certificate?

YES!  Check out what some of our grads are saying and doing here (link to testimonials). Using our unique curriculum and their own creative powers, our RKY Level 2 graduates have definitely become great teachers and created successful yoga businesses in their communities. This program is a collaborative design based on how Gopala and Amanda built their businesses and found their personal teaching styles. We know that it can be a guide to help you clarify your vision, discover opportunities, develop your business presence in your community and build momentum that will take you far, as long as you can commit to it fully.  

Does it count for anything with the Yoga Alliance?

The RKY Level 2 is a distanced learning practicum designed to help you grow as a teacher and children’s/family yoga presence in your community.  The program is not recognized by the North American Yoga Alliance towards your RCYT, (Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher certification), or any other designation, including CEC’s (continuing education credits) as they require mostly contact hours spent with a teacher. Though it’s a 300-hour program, what you get out of it isn’t quantifiable by hours or credits from the Yoga alliance. It’s about YOU and your community and your business.

We do also offer a 95 hour Kids Yoga Teacher Training, which when combined with a 200hr YTT, yoga teacher training, would qualify you for a RCYT designation. To learn more about our 95 hr training, click here (link to 95 hr training page).

Our 3-day training does count of CEC’s if you are a RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) with the Yoga Alliance.  Consult your Yoga Alliance association to find out how to submit your certificate for credits. 

Do I have to complete a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training before I am able to start teaching?

Simply put, no! A 200-hour yoga teacher training program is geared towards teaching adults, not kids. Completing a 200-hour training could be a great thing for you, but it’s not necessary to teach yoga to children. You will have ample tools and ideas to get out there and teach right away after our 3 day training FOR SURE!  While a deep understanding of yoga is helpful in teaching kids, it’s actually not the most important thing - the most important thing is that you love the kids, love yoga and can meet children on their level to share it.

RKY does offer a 320 hour Community Yoga training, which is happening in Italy for 2016. This program DOES award you with your 200-hour teacher training certificate that IS recognized by the North American Yoga Alliance, plus you’d be specialized in all things community related - partner yoga, kids yoga, pre & post-natal yoga, fertility yoga, seniors yoga, and more.  It’s an AMAZING experience AND you’d get those coveted letters behind your name (RYT 200hr). To find out more about this opportunity, click here (link to 200/300hr certification)


We truly believe that sharing life lessons and wisdom through experiential learning with the next generation can positively change the world, and we want you to be a part of this change with us! This yoga certification online program is open to all graduates of the Level 1 or 2 Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings and the Rainbow Yoga 200/300 Hour Teacher Training program and is designed to be completed within 6 months. It is an experience of a lifetime to help make you the best kids yoga teacher in the universe!


Rainbow Yoga trained more than 30,000 Kids Yoga Teachers since 2007. We make yoga fun for children and young people of all age groups and for the whole family too! Our yoga consists of many poses and stretches that have different physical benefits for our health and well-being, breathing, relaxation, meditation and mindfulness exercises for our minds, and social interaction, playfulness, meaning, deep life lessons and fun for our spirit.

Thinking about the impact of all those amazing certified yoga teachers, educators, parents and therapists we have trained to teach yoga to children and yoga for teens; we are making a huge difference for the next generation bringing peace, love, kindness and resilience into their lives. Education departments, schools, health programs and individuals in many countries have adopted yoga as a form of exercise and a method to decrees stress and increase wellbeing. We are the biggest and most-loved kid’s yoga teacher training in the world and we are here tp provide you with everything you will need to teach successful, exciting, meaningful, engaging and fun yoga to children, teenagers and families.


Rainbow Kids Yoga offers the most comprehensive, practical, and engaging children yoga teacher training certification in the world! Our course will enable you to deliver children yoga classes that will connects your students to themselves, each other, and the environment. Through unique and engaging practices of mindfulness and yoga your students and community will be able to find connections, enhance well-being and thrive as grounded, integrated and well balanced individuals.

At our training, all while having fun, you will become a children yoga instructor through a lot of experiential practice, insightful theory, yoga poses and sequences, mindfulness practices and relaxation. You will learn how to build fun, engaging, and fitness-level-appropriate children yoga classes for all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. At our kid’s yoga teacher training you will find over 300 videos presenting how to make yoga poses accessible and fun! Believe it or not, yoga can be extremely boring for children and for adults too… In Rainbow Yoga, we make yoga in a fun so that children learn easily and want to do more of it. Yoga is so good for you, but for children to want to want to do yoga you will need to learn to spice it all up and this is what our kid’s yoga online teacher training is for!

This is the perfect resource for yoga teachers, parents, educators and therapists to find and discover hundreds of yoga poses, yoga games and mindfulness practices for children in a way that makes it is easy to learn and easy to enjoy.

Yoga poses for kids: Yoga encourages a positive and healthy lifestyle for the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of children as it helps in the development of strength, stamina, and endurance, high levels of positive energy, resilience, focus, self-awareness, and awareness of our environment.

Yoga for children empowers them with increased concentration, calm, peace, and contentment at a mental level leading to inner and outer peace and harmony. The Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training includes a digital manual (a hard copy that can be purchased) as part of the course. This is specialized online yoga teacher training. Here we will focus on how to teach yoga to children and teens, and how to help them release stress, relax, stretch, energize – All in creative and fun ways while taking into consideration their unique needs, whether they are physical, social, mental, or emotional. 

You will learn to teach the youngest yogis and those with emotional and mental challenges techniques to assist them with impulse control and self-regulation. Our courses provide a platform and a foundation to promote the healthy development of the hearts, bodies, and minds of young individuals.

The Rainbow Kids Yoga Training is the largest and most well-regarded Kids Yoga Teacher Training in the world. Our graduates teach everywhere using our diploma including schools, kindergartens, daycare centers, early learning centers, Yoga studios, gyms, fitness centers, birthday parties, private and group classes and more.



Join our Yoga Revolution and become a kids’ yoga teacher today through our online yoga teacher training or in-person yoga certification courses. You will be left with a smile on your face, a wealth of knowledge and an ignited spirit to spread the love and joy of yoga.

For our online training, you can allow 24 hours to receive your access and for physical products such as the Rainbow Kids Yoga Book, you can allow 2-4 weeks to receive it by mail. The books are printed on demand before being shipped, but it is worth the wait 😊


Rainbow Yoga is a fun and constantly evolving family mission and lovingly born in 2007, to give people the tools to teach fun, engaging, and creative in=person and online yoga classes for kids, teens, families, partners, and communities. Rainbow Yoga is interactive and social and all about connection; we touch, hug, move, breathe and co-create together our yoga magically and playfully.

Rainbow Yoga offers a variety of unique and comprehensive teacher training certification courses all over the world offering a well-rounded, in-depth learning experience through a combination of play, practical theory, and fun.The Rainbow Yoga Teacher training is renowned for being captivating, dynamic, loving, and life changing. It is condensed with a lifetime of knowledge and hands-on experience from the Founders of Rainbow Yoga, Gopala, and Angel Yaffa. Delivered by world-class faculty around the world.