Become the ultimate Rainbow Yoga Master: L1 + L2 + Mentorship Program + Inner Circle

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Level 1 ($500 USD) + Level 2 ($750 USD) + Mentorship Program ($750 USD) + Inner Circle 1 Year Membership ($19 USD per month, $228 USD for a year) = $2,228 USD

Package Price: $1,995 USD

Have big dreams about your kids yoga career?

Besides learning about a million tools for teaching yoga to children, youth and families, in Level 1 we focus on making yoga FUN! In Level 2 we dive deep into teaching LIFE LESSONS through yoga. And in our Mentorship Program, we guide you how to put it all into practice by sending you on cool assignments to gain more teaching experience and confidence and to GROW YOUR YOGA BUSINESS into a successful and sustainable model.  

And while you are busy teaching and making a living from it, we will send you weekly CLASS PLANS and music playlists to match to make it easy for you and keep you on track with your exciting new profession.  

We are here for you, and we have a lot to share with you! You can learn all the skills, become a kids & teens yoga expert, start your yoga business and receive continuous support from us all along the way!

Go on this full and abundant yoga journey with us!

Let’s do this!

The 4 Day Live Steam Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive, intensive and practical certification course. Be prepared to learn to teach yoga, whilst laughing, dancing, playing and singing! Most importantly, you will come out with immediate tangible knowledge and a lot of fabulous ideas to create captivating and fun yoga experiences for kids of all ages, anywhere in the world. Learn about: PRINCIPLES OF TEACHING YOGA TO KIDS This training focuses on age-appropriate methods and techniques to make yoga engaging and beneficial for toddlers, school-aged children, tweens, teens, and families. CONNECTING PEOPLE THROUGH YOGA One of the elements that sets Rainbow Yoga apart is that it is social and interactive. Learn with us how to build community among children and families by bridging social and generational gaps through doing yoga TOGETHER. YOGA POSES AND WARM UPS Movement is life and it is proven to help alleviate stress and depression. Study here how to keep the body and the mind flowing towards health and happiness. Yoga can be and should be fun! And play, dance and interacting are a fantastic way to connect, engage and learn social skills while moving and enjoying our time together. RELAXATION Children experience stress too and can learn to manage it better with guided imagery and many other techniques we learn here. MINDFULNESS Attention and awareness are the key to learning, but also for transforming oneself and the world around us. Journey into peace and harmony with your students by learning all about it with us here and now. BREATHING Explore and experience the benefits of breath by studying its mechanics as well as unique new ways to help children find a sense of presence, tranquility, and personal positive energy. CLASS MANAGEMENT Learn practical ways to start from where your students are and guide their interest into cooperative discovery. Your unique personality is a key to creating relationships where students are creative, focused, respectful and curious. CLASS STRUCTURE Gain access to the Rainbow Kids Yoga magic formula for designing wholesome, engaging and transformative class plans that can be used in schools, studios, holiday camps, birthday parties… and anywhere your light can shine into! FAMILY YOGA Intergenerational yoga is a fantastic way to build happier families and communities all while doing a mindful and healthy activity together. YOGA BUSINESS Learn about all the varied places you can teach in, how to present yourself and what you have to offer in a way that you are more likely to be hired, and how to approach children and families to attract them to your successful new kids yoga business! TEACHING YOGA ONLINE Tips and techniques for teaching live streaming or pre-recorded yoga classes for kids and teens, still keeping them engaged even in the absence of our physical presence.

INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED YOGA CERTIFICATE Rainbow Yoga Training is the largest and most well regarded Kids Yoga Teacher Training in the world. Our graduates teach everywhere using our diploma including; schools, kindergartens, day care centres, early learning centres, Yoga studios, gyms, fitness centres, birthday parties, private and group classes. RAINBOW YOGA KIDS TEACHER TRAINING MANUAL Graduates receive the official Rainbow Teacher Training Digital Manual (Hard Copy Manual can be purchased) as part of the investment in this course. Consisting of 300 kids yoga asanas and hundreds of yoga, breathing and meditation games. Our Training Manual is the definitive guide to teaching children yoga. 28 HOURS OF CONTINUING YOGA EDUCATION If you are a certified yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals, Yoga Australia, Yoga Alliance USA or the Canadian Yoga Alliance, the 4 Day Live Stream Kids Yoga Teacher Training consists of 28 contact hours that can be contributed to your Yoga Continuing Education requirements. PATHWAY TO THE LEVEL 2, 95 HOUR KIDS YOGA CERTIFICATION Qualification from our4 Day Live Steam Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training will enable you to attend a Level 2, 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training. Take the next step to come to your full potential as a yoga teacher and specialise in teaching yoga to children. Learn with our most Senior Trainers on this incredible journey that deepens your teaching practice and understanding yoga for children. PATHWAY TO OUR MENTORSHIP CERTIFICATION Certification from the 4-Day Live Stream Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training gives you all the tools you need to start teaching straight away. For those who are interested in really launching into the adventure with a yoga business, studio, or school-program, the Rainbow Kids Yoga Level 2 Business & Mentorship Program is an intensive, 6-month curriculum to give that dream the structure to succeed. By creating a customised series of projects and deliverables, you and your personal Rainbow Yoga mentor design a purposeful path to bring about the applied experience necessary to thrive in your new career. LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE Rainbow Yoga is a unique style of communal and interactive yoga. Our yoga is all about connection, celebrating life and bringing people together. The 4 Day Live Steam Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is life changing and will transform the lives of children in your family, school and community.

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