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Why Do It?

Do you want to be the most fantastic children’s yoga teacher in the world?

Are you looking to become a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher with your favourite yoga alliance? 



The Level 2, 95 Hour Online Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training was made just for you! 

Become a Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher with our Level 2 certification. 

This course is an extraordinary opportunity to further your yoga teaching career with the perfect blend of profound learning and having fun! Start today and be guided by our Founder Gopala Amir Yaffa himself, throughout the entire online course! 

The Level 2, 95 Hour Online Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training has been designed as the next step for graduates of the 3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training and Online Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training. 

Whilst in the 3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training or the Level 1, 50 Hour Online Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training you receive all the tools you need to plan and teach fantastic and fun yoga classes for children, in the Level 2, 95 Hour Online Rainbow Kids Yoga Training Training we dive deeper than ever before into creating meaningful classes for children of all ages transmitting to them life lessons all through interactive and engaging learning!


Backpack Pose Smiling Girl - Rainbow Yoga Training Yoga with props - Rainbow Yoga Training Happy little boy circle yoga - Rainbow Yoga Training Teach kindness, teach peace circle yoga multi-race - Rainbow Yoga Training

Learning loads of new techniques and with lots of guided teaching practice under our wise, insightful and kind eyes, you’ll leave feeling more knowledgeable and more confident to be the best yoga teacher you can be for your young students.

You’ll learn about teaching yoga to children with additional needs, classroom yoga, yoga anatomy and physiology for children, drama and storytelling techniques, cool sequencing, teen yoga, and a lot more!

About The Course





This course is an extraordinary opportunity to further your yoga teaching career with the perfect blend of profound learning and having fun! Throughout all course modules, assignments and teaching practices you are mentored by Angel & Gopala, Rainbow Kids Yoga Founders and creators.

The Level 2, 95 Hour Online Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is our highest level of Kids Yoga Teaching and has been designed as the next step for graduates of any of our Level 1 courses. Learn about Yoga Alliance accreditation here. 


Become a specialist kids yoga teacher for children with additional needs, classroom yoga, yoga anatomy and physiology for children, mindfulness, cool sequencing, yoga for teens, families and more! 

Yoga for children with special needs


In this course, we dive deeper than ever before by creating meaningful classes for children of all ages. We transmit important life lessons and teach children through interactive learning, super fun and engaging practices.


Learn loads of new techniques. Be guided personally through this course by our Founders Gopala & Angel. Enjoy lots of teaching practice under our wise, insightful and kind eyes. Complete this course feeling confident and very knowledgeable.

Course Details


Start any time, finish any time - Complete modules at your own pace, in your own time


Study from home/online


Pay in Full $750 USD (this is a special COVID price, Original price was $1295 USD)

12 Month Payment Plan: $70 USD per month


This course is delivered in English


To qualify for the Level 2, 95 Hour Online Rainbow Kids Yoga Training Training, you must complete a 3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training, Rainbow Yoga Live Stream Teacher Training OR the Level 1, 50 Hour Online Rainbow Kids Yoga Training Training before your second level course commences.

You may take our Level 2, 95 Hour Online Rainbow Kids Yoga Training Training anytime after you have completed your first level course. These 28 hours of live training or 50 hours of online training factor into your total number of hours toward earning your 95-hour certificate.

You Will Learn


As it relates to children's yoga. 




As a way to transform yourself and become a better kids yoga teacher. Learn how to transmit those values and life lessons to children in a practical way.




Specialisation in Teaching Yoga to Children in the Classroom with creative ways to teach kids focus, relaxation and stretching. Prepare their mind and body for studying at school, without moving the chairs or tables.  




Specialisation in Yoga for Children with Additional Needs. For both physical and cognitive challenges. Including Chair Yoga, Yoga in Bed, Yoga with the Wall and Yoga for Children with Low Mobility. Learn to physically move them through yoga sequences.





Learn how to create endless creative and cool yoga sequences, including Rainbow Human Mandalas using our secret Rainbow recipe and principles. 




Open your creativity and your dramatic talents with drama and storytelling techniques. 




Find your excited and motivating teacher voice so that your students listen to you. Transmit your teacher’s purpose in a digestible and fun way with children. 




Deepen your knowledge and practice of how to adjust children in yoga poses. Learn how to help them do poses better and hold them for longer. 





This course contains lots of supervised class planning and teaching practice. Each class plan and teaching practice is followed by feedback from Gopala and our team so that you can learn and progress quickly to the most amazing kids yoga teacher out there!




Course Modules

 Module 1: Yoga for kids with additional needs

  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Sensory processing difficulties
  • Low mobility
  • In the hospital
  • Chair-bound

Module 2: Yoga for kids at school

  • Mindfulness
  • Chair Yoga
  • Focus skills
  • Mental preparation for exams and test anxiety 
  • Bullying prevention
  • Stress management
  • Confronting obesity in a positive way

Module 3: Yoga for teens

  • Connecting with this age group
  • Combining yoga with dance, drama and acrobatics
  • Empowering and creating self-esteem

Module 4: Experiential yoga anatomy & physiology

  • Age-appropriate adjustments
  • Growing bodies
  • Developmental stages
  • Safe practice
  • Body Systems

Module 5: Teaching skills

  • Finding your teacher’s voice
  • Teaching life lessons through yoga
  • Inventing your own poses, including partner and group poses , Human - Mandalas and Yoga Games
  • Elements of vinyasa flow sequencing
  • Extensive practice teaching with your peers and senior yoga teacher trainer


Upon successful completion of the course, you receive a 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from Rainbow Yoga.

Rainbow Yoga is a Registered School of Yoga and a Registered Children’s Yoga Training with Yoga Australia, The Canadian Yoga Alliance, Yoga Alliance (USA) and Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK). In order to register with any of the alliances as a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT), you must be registered at at least the foundational level (RYT)  with your preferred yoga alliance.

Please contact your local Yoga Alliance to enquire about conditions for registration or membership, as they are subject to change.


Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance ApprovedRainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance ApprovedRainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance ApprovedRainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance Approved


“I've gained a lot of knowledge and confidence since taking this course. I know more abut mindfulness and my ideas for kids yoga classes have expanded. Yoga has changed for me, in the way that it is a way to bring people together through fun and connection. I have even more love for it now than I did before. 

Thank you so much Gopala and Angel for this beautiful course. Pushing us outside our comfort zones, making us think deeply and giving us more knowledge in how to sprinkle our own version of our yoga classes and personalities to children. I'm super excited to continue my journey and I will be recommending this course to anyone I know who would want to become a yoga teacher. 

I've also learnt to be more playful within myself. To make sure everything I do in life, I enjoy and make it fun. Finding my inner child again has been fun and definitely made me a happier person.

Thank you to everyone who has given feedback and comments which I have taken on board :) I'm looking forward to continue to grow as a human and teacher.


lots of love,

Holly xxx”

“Thank you so much for making this such a fantastic learning journey.  Our world is changing so much and this course has taught me how to adapt better.  The new rules in last week means now all my classes are in classrooms and I had the first groups monday and it was amazing.  I am so thankful for the energy your entire family has put into this course.  I hope one day when I can visit Australia, I can visit your amazing sanctuary for the animals and say thank you in person.  Not enough words to show my gratitude.

Heather Le Rest"

"Thank you so much Gopala and Angel for adapting this course so we could complete it online! 

I have learnt so much along the way and felt a lot of love and support from everyone.

I have had an interesting year at work (primary school teacher) and have come up against many obstacles and challenges. Don't get me wrong, I love my job, my students and the people I work with but the expectations from higher up have become too much and my beliefs about education have changed in many ways. Instead of pushing back on these issues I have decided to do something about it and Gopala and Angle have helped me to do just that. 

Level 2 Rainbow Kids Yoga training has made me realize, in my eyes, the most important part of education for our children is love, compassion, resilence, trust, respect, creativity, play, uniqueness and so much more. If they can learn how to develop those skills then the rest of their learning will fall into place and they will grow into wonderful people!

It has been a huge transformation for me. I know it has always been tucked away inside me forever but now I feel free and for once in my life I truly believe in what I am doing. I have finally found my reason!! 

I didn't intend to write all of this when I sat down to do this last post.  I am glad I did. Feeling proud and a tad emotional.

He oranga ngàkau, He pikinga waiora

Positive feelings in your heart will raise your sense of self-worth.

Thank you so much Gopala, Angel, and the wider Rainbow Yoga Family xxxx 

Emma Bell”

“Soo much is different since I started and for the better :) I was in a really hard place when I started and then went through burnout, and I am finally starting to feel like me again... and miraculously somehow am 9 weeks pregnant (not sure how that happened during burnout haha). I don't feel like I did that great of a job to be honest in these classes, but I learned a lot about teaching online to kids (and that I 100% will keep teaching in-person only) and gained a lot of respect for school teachers teaching online. I learned so many tools and tips from everyone, and it helped me to reconnect to my creativity through this. I'm looking forward to growing more and being able to fingers crossed, be able to offer more kids classes in person :) Thank you <3 

Katie Keating”

“Thank you all so very, very much for such an amazing, life changing experience. It has made a very tough lock down so much easier. I've learned so much about myself, my children and of course yoga. I've found my playful side again and my confidence is coming back. I've learned so much about tech-from editing to compressing, from lighting to angles. I've gone from my adult training that that yoga had to be one way, to realising that yoga can be so many ways! 

It's not always been easy, but I've loved every second of it and am so hoping I can soon do the full training when it comes out. 

I'm proud of myself. 

Thank you both so very, very much. Your family (both human and animal) is incredibly special and we are lucky to have shared your gift.

Thank you. 

Amy Smith”

“Thank you so much for all you have taught us, for all the magic you have transmitted to us and for making special a difficult moment that the whole of humanity has faced from day to night, you have managed to make us feel connected despite the distance ... obviously I would have preferred to meet you in person but all this was still magical !!

I feel so sad that I no longer have my daily commitment with you, I will miss you very much.I was so looking forward everytime for you lessons!!!!

This experience was a very rich experience for me, the journey lasted about 5 months but in these five months I feel so changed, so grown up, with an extra well of knowledge that you have transmitted to us with great dedication !!

Now I feel even more part of this magnificent inner journey that I started years ago ... you made me dig into situations that maybe I didn't even know about myself and this was extremely stimulating and important for me!

It gave me greater awareness and I am happy to have acquired this treasure and to be able to always carry it with me, in my heart and in life.

Thank you because today I feel proud, happy, determined, rich and infinitely grateful!!!


Valentina Radhika Rainoldi”

“This has been INCREDIBLE.

Going through this past year of COVID really could have been disastrous for me. I like - no, I need - to be busy and learning and growing - and this process has taught me so much about myself. My 200hr YTT was like the deepest introspection I've ever experienced. My 50hr Rainbow training was like the freshest summer breeze bringing joy back into my practice - and my life. My 300hr YTT felt at times like I was cramming more science and technique into my brain and body than I could have ever wanted - and again, this 95hr Rainbow training has been the light in my days.

I have looked forward to and enjoyed every moment of this training. I am a stronger person in all ways because of it. I am more aware. I am kinder. I give others more room to be themselves. I take pride in myself. I'm not as insanely shy as I once was. I am willing. I know I put in the work - but truly, I could not have done it and it wouldn't have happened without the support I received from this Rainbow family - especially of course from Gopala and Angel.

Simply - I am proud. But it does so much deeper than that. I only wish now for the post-COVID days to come quickly, so we can all travel and explore and spread our light across the globe even more than we can right now. I can't wait until I can meet any and all of you in person one day - that will be the sweet sweet icing on this delicious vegan cupcake. Mmm... Cupcakes.

Thank you. I wish I could say more - but really, thank you.

Elizabeth Hamilton”

“Highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge in kids yoga. Not only do you learn so much to become a better yoga teacher, but you also learn how to become a better person in day to day life. It's truly inspiring. You feel so supported by everybody and it's a learning process. You come out of the course more confident and knowledgeable by being pushed out of your comfort zone, and getting feedback from everybody. So many topics are covered and it's a great price for what you get. I loved it and I'm sad it's over! It's been a joy to keep learning new ideas. 100% recommend :) xxx

Holly Brown”

“The creativity of course content, the interactiveness and quality of feedback was fantastic. It really looks at so many aspects of how we can incorporate yoga for children. Doing Yoga together, making it FUN,, for additional needs, in the classroom. It really challenges us to dig deep for the homework and the feedback given is so valuable. I did mot feel like it was an online course at all. Amazing quality

Simply AMAZING. I hesitated when I was I had to do level 1 and 2 and then I thought just do it. I never looked back. Level 1 was a great eye opener and I was already able to apply new skills to my class but level 2 has literally transformed how I approach classes, how I create new ideas and the way I teach. I am so happy beyond words. The feedback from the school teachers in my schools that I teach has been very supportive. They can see a difference for the better. The feedback you get makes you feel that you are doing an in-person course but in your own time frame. Being a working mother of 3, flexibility was important. You will not regret signing up. Be ready to shine bright like a rainbow.


“This training was life changing for me. It is inspiring, uplifting, challenging and purposeful. If you love children and care about creating a positive world then this training is for you!


“Rainbow Kid Yoga School is an Outstanding school with excellent teachers such as Gopala and his wife Angela. They've got an amazing customer Services system in place. Throughout my study journey with them, I have learn a lot and have tremendously grown in knowledge, caring attitude and commitment. His children yoga program is so deep and well structured. I will highly recommend Rainbow Kid Yoga to anyone looking forward to starting a children yoga journey.

Lee Chance"

"Thank you all so very, very much. This training was truly life changing and was a wonderful way to bring creativity and closeness to my children and I during a very challenging Covid year. It had it all-challenges, laughter, magic, fun, education and more magic!

Highly recommend.


“It was an unforgettable experience, however different from what we usually live, this online training was something magical in a period of pure world madness!!!!!!!!


“A wonderful training, so much wisdom and inspiring ideas for fun and playful yoga for children.


“I love this training ,Great Kids Yoga teacher Training I learn a lot from this training. Gopala is a great Kids Yoga Teacher ,He has a lot of wisdom to teach and training,He always there to answer or give a feedback help us all the way to get to our destination.I'm very grateful to be a part of this.

Thank you.

Yolanda Connor”

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Rainbow Yoga trained more than 30,000 Kids Yoga Teachers since 2007. We make yoga fun for children and young people of all age groups and for the whole family too! Our yoga consists of many poses and stretches that have different physical benefits for our health and well-being, breathing, relaxation, meditation and mindfulness exercises for our minds, and social interaction, playfulness, meaning, deep life lessons and fun for our spirit.

Thinking about the impact of all those amazing certified yoga teachers, educators, parents and therapists we have trained to teach yoga to children and yoga for teens; we are making a huge difference for the next generation bringing peace, love, kindness and resilience into their lives. Education departments, schools, health programs and individuals in many countries have adopted yoga as a form of exercise and a method to decrees stress and increase wellbeing. We are the biggest and most-loved kid’s yoga teacher training in the world and we are here tp provide you with everything you will need to teach successful, exciting, meaningful, engaging and fun yoga to children, teenagers and families.


Rainbow Kids Yoga offers the most comprehensive, practical, and engaging children yoga teacher training certification in the world! Our course will enable you to deliver children yoga classes that will connects your students to themselves, each other, and the environment. Through unique and engaging practices of mindfulness and yoga your students and community will be able to find connections, enhance well-being and thrive as grounded, integrated and well balanced individuals.

At our training, all while having fun, you will become a children yoga instructor through a lot of experiential practice, insightful theory, yoga poses and sequences, mindfulness practices and relaxation. You will learn how to build fun, engaging, and fitness-level-appropriate children yoga classes for all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. At our kid’s yoga teacher training you will find over 300 videos presenting how to make yoga poses accessible and fun! Believe it or not, yoga can be extremely boring for children and for adults too… In Rainbow Yoga, we make yoga in a fun so that children learn easily and want to do more of it. Yoga is so good for you, but for children to want to want to do yoga you will need to learn to spice it all up and this is what our kid’s yoga online teacher training is for!

This is the perfect resource for yoga teachers, parents, educators and therapists to find and discover hundreds of yoga poses, yoga games and mindfulness practices for children in a way that makes it is easy to learn and easy to enjoy.

Yoga poses for kids: Yoga encourages a positive and healthy lifestyle for the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of children as it helps in the development of strength, stamina, and endurance, high levels of positive energy, resilience, focus, self-awareness, and awareness of our environment.

Yoga for children empowers them with increased concentration, calm, peace, and contentment at a mental level leading to inner and outer peace and harmony. The Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training includes a digital manual (a hard copy that can be purchased) as part of the course. This is specialized online yoga teacher training. Here we will focus on how to teach yoga to children and teens, and how to help them release stress, relax, stretch, energize – All in creative and fun ways while taking into consideration their unique needs, whether they are physical, social, mental, or emotional. 

You will learn to teach the youngest yogis and those with emotional and mental challenges techniques to assist them with impulse control and self-regulation. Our courses provide a platform and a foundation to promote the healthy development of the hearts, bodies, and minds of young individuals.

The Rainbow Kids Yoga Training is the largest and most well-regarded Kids Yoga Teacher Training in the world. Our graduates teach everywhere using our diploma including schools, kindergartens, daycare centers, early learning centers, Yoga studios, gyms, fitness centers, birthday parties, private and group classes and more.



Join our Yoga Revolution and become a kids’ yoga teacher today through our online yoga teacher training or in-person yoga certification courses. You will be left with a smile on your face, a wealth of knowledge and an ignited spirit to spread the love and joy of yoga.

For our online training, you can allow 24 hours to receive your access and for physical products such as the Rainbow Kids Yoga Book, you can allow 2-4 weeks to receive it by mail. The books are printed on demand before being shipped, but it is worth the wait 😊


Rainbow Yoga is a fun and constantly evolving family mission and lovingly born in 2007, to give people the tools to teach fun, engaging, and creative in=person and online yoga classes for kids, teens, families, partners, and communities. Rainbow Yoga is interactive and social and all about connection; we touch, hug, move, breathe and co-create together our yoga magically and playfully.

Rainbow Yoga offers a variety of unique and comprehensive teacher training certification courses all over the world offering a well-rounded, in-depth learning experience through a combination of play, practical theory, and fun.The Rainbow Yoga Teacher training is renowned for being captivating, dynamic, loving, and life changing. It is condensed with a lifetime of knowledge and hands-on experience from the Founders of Rainbow Yoga, Gopala, and Angel Yaffa. Delivered by world-class faculty around the world.