Build Relationships with Partner Yoga

Life is wonderful! And it is even more special when you share it with someone. Sunsets are beautiful, but even sweeter when you watch them with a loved one.
Yoga is wonderful too, and it's even more magical when you share the practice with a partner. Yoga works on many levels; it is a journey of discovery, of ourselves and our interdependence. Each one of us is a whole universe to be explored through this practice.  

Practicing yoga together helps to strengthen the bonds between a couple, while supporting each other and having fun.
We live in a fast moving world, so partner yoga is a great way to spend quality time together, enjoying a fun and healthy activity.  Practicing yoga together helps to strengthen the bonds between a couple, while supporting each other and having fun.  
In partner yoga we connect to each other in new and fun ways, we touch and are touched, we stretch farther than usual with our partner’s help, balance in ways we could not by ourselves, breathe deeply together and dive into tranquility while we stare into each other’s eyes.

Partner yoga is a great way to bring two people together because in relationships everything is reciprocal: the more we respect our partner the more they respect us; the more we give, the more we get; the more we listen, the more we are being listened to. In spending time wholly absorbed in each other, stretching each other, massaging, listening to each other’s movements and giving and receiving, our connections deepen and our hearts heal. Even one or two hours of conscious practice in a partner yoga class can serve as a great bridge over gaps that were created in the past.
In a relationship we serve as each other’s mirrors; we can see our reflection in the other and  come to better understand ourselves. In partner yoga there is constant feedback between partners; as someone helps us to stretch, we not only enjoy a fantastic sensation, we also learn how to help them stretch in a better way.  As we experience our partner’s touch we learn how to touch them and as we watch them listening and responding to our sensations, we learn to listen and act in response to theirs.
Partner yoga provides a rare opportunity for both partners to be truly present with each other - without any other distracting duties, kids or cell phones - pure bliss!
When we stretch together we can:
  • Stretch further than usual
  • Balance in ways that we cannot by ourselves
  • Move with more awareness, realising that our movements affect our partner
  • Get constant feedback to our actions by communicating with our partner as well as by experiencing how it feels when they stretch us
  • Enhance communication skills using words, facial expressions, touch, breath and more
  • Develop trust and compassion
  • Touch and be touched in a safe way
  • Deepen our connection to our partner

Babies who don’t receive enough touch in early life do not survive, and children and even adults who don’t receive enough touch might suffer from a variety of emotional or mental challenges as well. Touch is the strongest and simplest way of giving and receiving love, support, warmth and trust and in partner yoga classes we spend most of our time touching each other.
By practicing yoga together, we learn how to touch, how to be gentle and kind, we learn acceptance and compassion, how to be respectful and trusting, and how to connect, communicate, and cooperate.  It’s a great opportunity to open the heart and overcome past conflicts.

Just to make it clear, in partner yoga classes we learn yoga poses and not sex poses, nevertheless, the communication, touch and attentiveness skills that participants learn through this experience can definitely lead to a better love life.
Partner Yoga can be used to improve sexuality by:
  • Deepening the connection you feel with your partner 
  • Improve your own understanding of yourself and your partner
  • Put you more in harmony with your own body and mind and so, make you a better lover and partner 
  • Help you cultivate and maintain emotional and physical balance
  • Keep you fit and healthy so that you're more physically capable ; ) 
  • Allow you to get into some very interesting positions! 
Partner Yoga is based on Tantric philosophy. The word Tantra in Sanskrit literally means "weave", denoting continuity.  It also means "to manifest, to expand, to show." In this context, everything, including yoga and sex, is thought to expand consciousness and to weave together the polarities of male, and female, into a harmonious whole.
Tantra means expansion through awareness, and transformation through pleasure. It really means that your whole being is expanded through awareness of your senses, feelings and energy.
“Traditional” yoga is an individual practice, but this new yoga is a way to expand our hearts and minds to include another person.
If in the “old” yoga we withdrew within ourselves to find inner joy and peace, in this new yoga we learn to expand ourselves and discover that happiness is not only within, but also all around us.  Contraction is limiting and narrowing while expansion is freeing. The more we expand ourselves to include others, the more fun and meditative the feeling is. 
But there’s only so much that can be explained with words; hold your partner’s hands, look into their eyes, breath together and with heightened awareness flow as one through beautiful yoga poses.

When there are no words, try partner yoga to express your deepest feelings.
Rainbow Yoga Founder

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