Rainbow Yoga – We Believe

Rainbow Yoga – We Believe


1. We believe in happiness

Happiness and pleasure are a compass to show us where the good and juicy stuff in life is. Pain tells us that something needs to change.

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2. We believe in human connection

We need connections just like we need food and water. We are all interconnected and interdependent and we can’t claim to do it all on our own.

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3. We believe that movement is life

Movement empowers us and it has the power to shift our state of mind. It is a great way for self-expression and release of emotion and stagnant energy. If you don’t move it; you lose it.

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4. We believe that family comes first

There are many important things in life, but none equals family. Family is our secure base and where we go from and where we come back to. Always put family first, stick together, unless it makes you compromise your highest principles.

Family comes first Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training


5. We believe in fun

Surviving is not enough… mostly, as humans, we are done with surviving. Thriving is what we are looking for, and mostly we find it through having fun together.

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6. We believe in Peace Love and Rock & Roll

Celebrate life. Don’t let the special moments go unnoticed. Breath, embrace, play, dance and rock on!

Peace love celebrate life rainbow kids yoga
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7. We believe in sharing

Share generously so that the world can grow with you. Holding on to your things or your knowledge will just make you small. 

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8. We believe in innovation

Think big, think differently, let yourself be unique. The worst thing is to be “normal”. Be whatever you want to be, you can do this. What new things can you offer to the world?


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9. We believe in making this world a better place

We are here for a reason. Make this life count and put your effort to make life better for all of the earth’s inhabitants. It’s a big job, but there is no doubt you can make a difference.

make the world a better place rainbow kids yoga training


10. We believe in equality

All people and all beings deserve to enjoy freedom, family, friendship, pleasure, happiness and freedom from pain. By connecting to your heart you will realize that the choices we make with what we eat, wear, buy and engage with can make a big difference to our fellow beings. Match your actions with your morals and be a leader in being the change; the world will transform before your eyes.

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What is your I Believe?




Want to become a driver for social change? Become a certified youth & family yoga teacher with us!

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