5 Practices of Positivity

We are living in very interesting times. By actively appreciating the good things in life we can let go of stress and overcome some of the challenging situations. 

By focusing on the good qualities in your life, you can create even more goodness! 

Having a positive mindset helps build resilience. We can bounce back from difficulties and keep going. Resisting the urge to give up. 

I look to my daily routine, inspiring friends and practices that fill me with optimism and happiness as the key to living my best life.  


Here are 5 Practices of Positivity to try: 

Take a notebook and start a positive journal. This is a great way to use journaling to improve mindset. Write down the positive things about yourself and your life. By noting down the positive aspects you start to feel more optimistic and proud of your accomplishments too.

Start with today. Write down three things that happened during your day that were positive. Reflect on these positive moments. 

Next write down the beautiful things people have said to you or done for you today. You can also list the wonderful things you see people doing in your community and around the world! If you enjoy this practice incorporate positive journaling into your daily routine.


Add positive journaling to your daily routine.

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The act of smiling is said to boost your mood and can even contribute to the elevated mood of those around you! Smiling can reduce stress and enhance your overall health. It is thought that when you smile you relax more and this helps with immune function too. 

Smiling sends your brain a message that things are good. Remove those daily stressors by smiling more throughout your day. 

The next time you are out and about, try smiling at everyone that walks by you. It’s a beautiful experience when a stranger walks by, acknowledges your presence and says hello with their smile. See how this feels for you by smiling at everyone you see today! 


Smile to elevate your mood.

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When someone takes the time to do something nice for me, I feel gratitude and happiness flowing through me. It can be a beautiful reminder that you are cared for and loved by others. 

Show someone you care about them and are grateful for what they have done for you. Send a handwritten thank you note or type a thank you email to this person. It’s easy to take this for granted and let small or big things go unnoticed. Send your thank you letter and make someone’s day. 

Offer to help a friend or co-worker who is feeling overwhelmed at the moment. 

Ask someone about their day, let them tell you and actively listen. Focus on speaking less and ask them “Tell me more”. 

Notice how it feels to make someone else feel amazing today. There’s a ripple effect leading right back to you.

Focus on less speaking and more active listening.

Take a moment to consider the people you surround yourself with? Do they inspire you? Do you admire them? Do they have a positive impact on your life? The people we spend the most time with can have the biggest influence on the way we see ourselves and the world around us. As you review these connections and friendships think about the people that do inspire you and who you look up to. Put some energy into those connections. Send them a message, give them a call, jump on Zoom. Go for a walk together and talk about inspiring ideas and projects. 

Be inspired by your friends and connections. 


Connect with positive people.

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Being active is a great way to boost your positivity and improve your ability to deal with stress. Engage in positive activity that brings you joy. I love starting my day with yoga and meditation, going for hikes and walking along the beach. I’m a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and love training the gentle art. This high intensity sport makes me sweat and enhances my overall sense of wellbeing, along with being a great way to connect with others and workout. Feel good chemicals are activated when we engage in yoga, exercise, training and meditation. 

You feel a sense of accomplishment after completing a yoga class, workout or training session too. This boosts confidence levels, improves energy and can help to release built up tension. 

Try incorporating yoga and exercise into your daily routine, pick practices that you enjoy and ones that make you feel good.

GM Tarah Rocha practicing sunrise yoga. Photo by Holly McLean @holly_mclean_

Small things can have a big impact on you, your mood and on those around you. By shining small amounts of love into your daily routine you can light up your day and shine light onto someone else’s day too. 

Be kind to yourself and have a positively beautiful day.