We Are The World

A class to evoke love for our beautiful world, and passion to bring about change where needed…


We are all here for nothing less than making the world a better place!

Changes are slow and uncomfortable, but they can also be fun, depending on our attitude towards it all... This is true about our own lives, and also about the world in general.

Well, peace starts from within and it is a bit of an upstream challenging journey in a world full of distractions and business. Despite the difficulties though, and the obstacles our mind and our society may present, choosing peace and kindness wherever we go is our duty both for ourselves and the world.

What will you do if you wanted to change a lycra cloth into a cotton one? You would change the threads one at a time! To have a family, a community, a country, a world full of peace we need to start making the changes with ourselves and each individual thread.

So are you ready to start this journey?

The class plan today represent these concepts above and our relationship with the world. Have fun while exploring it!

BRING: Earth ball, rainbow thread

Rainbow Dream Catcher

Weave a web of dreams by passing a rainbow thread (not wool please) from one student to another. Each student holding to their part of the thread and answering the following question in their turn:

If you could change anything in the world to make it a better place, what would that be?

In the end, lift up the dream catcher the group created, and look and appreciate its beauty.

5 Minutes


Rainbow Human Mandala

Group poses all connected in the circle. Emphasize working together.

15 Minutes

Yoga Chirography

Divide the group into 2; Mermaids and Dolphins. Make 2 circles interwoven into each other. 

First 5 minutes, instruct both groups at the same time through beautiful movements creating beautiful kaleidoscope shapes together.

Last 5 minutes, have the groups create the Rainbow Yoga Chirography themselves, each Mermaid or Dolphin coming up with a pose for their group on their turn.

Yoga Creation

Divide the class into 2 groups, and have each group create a group sequence (like in the Rainbow Human Mandala and Rainbow Yoga Chirography) which represents love and adoration and hope for the earth. You can use the Earth Ball if you have one.

10 Minutes to create, 5 to perform.

Circles Massage

Receivers sit at the centre, givers stand behind each receiver. Teacher instructs a message move, and givers move one receiver to the right after each move.

Switch roles after 5 minutes

Out Of This World Near-Death Meditation

Something happened and you died, no pain. Watch yourself leave your body, leave the world, it will keep spinning without you. 

While you float up there 3 questions are being presented to you:

  1. What did you love about your life? 
  2. What regrets do you have? 
  3. Given another chance, what would you do differently?  

All of a sudden you feel a pullback towards the earth, towards your body! 

Drift back to the world, but hold your breath for as long as you can… Take a full breath as if breathing for the first time… Breath new life… What will you do with the new life you were given?

5 Minutes



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