Code of Conduct

1. Strictly no photography or video

Let’s be present together. Please keep your phone away during the teacher training. Please refrain from taking photos or video. Photos will be taken by the teacher trainer or appointed assistant. A link to these photos will be provided one week after the training.

2. Full attendance is required

There is ONE Emergency Hour allowed for our 3 Day Teacher Trainings, TWO Emergency Hours allowed for our 95 Hour Teacher Trainings, and THREE Emergency Hours allowed for our 200 Hour and 360 Hour Teacher Training.

If more hours are missed then the teacher trainer will not issue a certificate to the student. Students are not permitted to leave the teacher training early on the last day. A planned late arrival or planned early departure does not count as an “emergency.” Returning late from lunch also does not count as an emergency.

3. Be authentic

The teacher training content, information and material provided in the teacher training manual is solely intended for you to teach the specified group you are certified to teach. The teacher training content is not to be shared or used to create a teacher training. For permission to use the materials in any other way than stated here, please contact Rainbow Yoga.

4. Be responsible

A lot of the learning in this teacher training is done through movement and play, involves jumping, dancing and some acrobatics. Please take responsibility for your own body and abilities as you play yoga with us, be aware of your environment and fellow students, slow down when you need to. Learn by watching when you feel that the risk for you is too high to participate. You are responsible for your safety and wellbeing during this teacher training.

6. Be kind

Please make sure everyone feels safe. Rainbow Yoga is all about creating connection and community, we are open and accepting of everyone and no forms of bullying or prejudice are allowed.

6. Ahimsa

We ask that no meat, fish, poultry, dairy, eggs or animal products are consumed inside the studio or venue during the teacher training. Ahimsa, kindness to all beings is one of our leading policies at Rainbow Yoga.

7. Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds available unless a medical certificate is provided.

8. Requesting a transfer

Students may request a transfer to another course. Course transfers are only available up until ONE MONTH before the original course start date. Students must contact Rainbow Yoga by email at ​​ prior to cancelling their registration in order to receive the course transfer. Where the new course has a higher tuition fee, the difference will be charged for the transfer.