What inspires Senior Trainer Benjamin Hart most?

What inspires Senior Trainer Benjamin Hart most

Benjamin is a sparkling beacon of optimism who delights in manifesting good vibrations in every interaction. His classes, as well as his friendships, are light-hearted opportunities to explore the wisdom, pleasure, and creativity available in every breath.

  • What inspires you? 

Moments that have the flavor of being genuine, natural, vulnerable and curious.  I hope to inspire those kinds of interactions with the people in my life that I see once, regularly, and every day. Especially in my classes!  What a blast to shape and form the explorations of the present moment in a way that helps you to Love every breath. 

  • What gifts do you love to share with the world?

I share my bjAm perspective on the things that get me grooving, smiling, and humming on the inside.  YogaDance, Guided Visualizations, Energy Body Explorations are the personal passions that find their way into my contributions to my community here in Paris, and all throughout the Rainbow Family across Europe!

  • Where are you based? 

As a practicing Urban Shaman, I host regular gatherings in Paris through my Namaste Adventures organization which range from acrobatic workshops and weekly yoga classes to cacao ceremonies and week-long yoga retreats.  I'm blessed to offer my practice to local Parisian schools, studios, private clients, and tourists passing through the City of Light. 



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