6 x sheets of puff pastry each cut into large  circle shape 

1 tablespoon of nuttelex in six portions Fresh Tomato Sauce 

6 large fresh tomatoes cut in half 1 tablespoon olive oil 

sea salt & fresh ground black pepper 

Tahini Sauce 

1 cup tahini 

¾ cup water 

½ - 1 lemon juiced 

sea salt and fresh black pepper 

Chilli sauce - optional 

Tomato Sauce 

Using a cheese grater to grate the tomato  (push the cut side onto the grater) into a  bowl, 

discard skins 

Add olive oil and season to taste 

Tahini Sauce 

Place all ingredients together in a bowl and  blitz with a stick blender, bullet or other,  blend 

until sauce thickens. 

If its too runny add more tahini, if its too  thick add more water or lemon juice. Taste and season 

Mallawach Pastry 

Heat pan and melt one portion of butter Add frozen pastry and cook until golden  and then turn to cook on the other side.  Place on a