Jimena Patiño (Mena)

Sensitive, kind and idealistic, I believe in connecting, in sharing growth, in embracing ourselves and moving forward together. I trust in the power of the heart, of the intention and of good karma. I am passionate about accompanying processes, recognising mirrors and breaking structures.

I believe that Yoga is not found, it is Yoga that finds you and at the precise moment, it came to my life. I have dedicated my entire professional life to training as a Yoga teacher in different countries and styles and to share a little of everything that this path has given me.

I am a faithful believer that we can change the world one heart at a time, starting obviously with ourselves, understanding that our personal work transcends to transform
our surroundings … So important is our place in the universe! Working with children for more than 17 years has inspired me to protect their pure soul
and joyful passion for life, so for some years now I have been sharing with Rainbow Kids Yoga the most important Yoga Teacher Training for Children and Families in the world.

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