3 Ways to Help Children Understand Relaxation

It is not easy to explain to children what is relaxation… maybe because we don’t do it often enough or because our grownup role models are such stress balls. 

Here are a couple of easy ways to truly feel the difference between just lying down, and finally relaxing your body for real. Enjoy!


1. Spaghetti Test

Have you ever seen uncooked spaghetti? It is very stiff and inflexible. But what happens if you cook it? That’s right, it becomes soft and flexible. If you lift it, it will move in any direction you want it to. And that’s what you want your legs and arms to be able to do when you relax.


spaghetti test pasta relaxation rainbow kids yoga teacher training


Divide the children into groups of two and have one partner be like a cooked spaghetti while the others will be the Italian chefs who will check if the spaghetti is done. The chef will lift one spaghetti arm or leg at a time, and will very gently check if the pasta is 'soft' by wiggling it a bit and even letting it drop; all to see if the spaghetti is really relaxed and does not resist.


relaxation kids rainbow yoga teacher training

The spaghetti partner should just pretend to be asleep and not help the chef lift up his arms or legs nor resists. When they are sure that the spaghetti is ready, they can switch roles.


savasana pose relaxation children rainbow kids yoga teacher training


Don’t forget to use your Italian accent when instructing the children!


2. Lemonade

When we tense our muscles just before relaxing it teaches the body the difference between tension and relaxation, and it helps us to relax more deeply.


lemonade relaxation rainbow kids yoga teacher training


Just before you lie down and relax, you can make and drink some imaginary lemonade. Sit hugging your knees to your chest and balancing on your bottom. Now squeeze the lemon really hard, making a super sour face. Squeeze your body into the smallest lemon ever and then let the lemon burst as your hands and legs fly out to the side and you roll to lie on your back. Repeat a few times.


lemonade relaxation rainbow kids yoga teacher training



 3. Squeeze and Relax

    Take a deep breath in and squeeze all the muscles in your body; your legs, your hands, your bottom, your shoulders, your face… Now, breathe out and relax all the muscles in your body and let them drop back to the yoga mat. Repeat this exercise two or three times.


    relax children boy stuffed toy rainbow kids yoga teacher training


    You can also practice this by tensing and relaxing only one part of the body at a time. For example, tense one arm, make a fist with your fingers, stretch out your fingers and release. Repeat with all the parts of the body.


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