Essentials Package: L1 + Inner Circle Membership

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About the Package

 Want to get certified and be ready t teach right away?

In our comprehensive Level 1, you will learn everything you need to start teaching children, teenagers and families in Schools, Kindergartens, Daycare Centres, Yoga Studios, Gyms Private Classes, Online Classes, Zoom Classes and more.

While taking the Level 1 Training and post-training enjoy daily inspiration, weekly ready to teach class plans with music playlists to match, and monthly webinars by Angel and Gopala, founders of Rainbow Yoga.

Level 1 ($500 USD) + Inner Circle 1 Year Membership ($19 USD per month, $228 USD for a year) = $728 USD 

Package Price: $600


Level 1 Curriculum


Age group by age group we will learn how to do yoga with young people in a way that they love it while also helping them do poses better and for longer.


One of the elements that set’s Rainbow Yoga apart is that it is social and interactive. Learn with us how to bring children and families closer together and bridging over social and generational gaps by doing yoga together.


Movement is life and it is proven to help alleviate stress and depression. Study how to keep the body and the mind flowing towards health and happiness. Yoga can be and should be fun! Playing, dancing and interacting are fantastic ways to connect, engage and learn social skills while moving and enjoying our time together.


Children experience stress too and can learn to manage it better with guided imagery and many other techniques we learn here. RELAXATION Attention and awareness are the key to learning, but also for transforming oneself and the world around us. Journey into peace and harmony with your students by learning all about it with us here and now.


Attention and awareness are the key to learning, but also for transforming oneself and the world around us. Journey into peace and harmony with your students by learning all about it with us here and now.



More ways to stay connected, present and calm while filling our bodies with positive energy. CLASS MANAGEMENT Guiding the children with love and creativity to stay focused, listen, follow our lead and work together. Easy!


Simple and effective ways to build a wholesome, engaging and transformative class for children of different games and in different environments.


Intergenerational yoga is a fantastic way to build happier families and communities all while doing a mindful and healthy activity together.


Learn about all the varied places you can teach in, how to present yourself and what you have to offer in a way that you are more likely to be hired, and how to approach children and families to attract them to your successful new kids' yoga business!


Tips and techniques for teaching live streaming or pre-recorded yoga classes for kids and teens, still keeping them engaged even in the absence of our physical presence.

Inner Circle


Community is what it’s all about! You’ll be part of an exclusive private Facebook group. We’ll have open discussions, support, share experiences, and receive inspiration. It’s a non-judgmental place to ask questions, find encouragement, positivity, and community.

Let’s celebrate each other here and bring all of our awesomeness from the inside out as a gift to each other and the world!


Once a month we meet on a webinar where I will personally answer questions from our Facebook group and also present new ideas or discuss old ones. This is a fun, light and educating forum. How exciting is that!

Periodically, I will surprise you with special guests too! Woohoo! The webinar will be announced during the week and the sessions will also be recorded for you to view on your own time in case you can’t be there while we go on air together.


’ll be there to check in on you, encourage you and inspire you. There will be LIVE interactions from me frequently within the group, so be sure to check in with our group as often as you can.

Angel will also pop on to share recipes. And of course you’ll have the inspiration of each other.


Once a week you will receive a brand new class plan via email. The class plan is provided to support you through your week of teaching. It’s adjustable for each classroom environment.

inner circle rainbow kids yoga

Topics of class vary between fun Yoga Journeys to deeply meaningful classes. We’ll have time on the Rainbow Inner Circle Facebook Group to discuss, add elements to, and share experiences from teaching the class plans.


To go with the class plan, a link to a Spotify playlist will be posted so that

you are all set to go and teach the best Kids Yoga classes in the universe! I invest a lot of time and love curating music that will take you and your students on a memorable and emotionally moving experience, I’m sure you’ll value and enjoy it greatly!

*Please note that a Spotify subscription is not included in the Rainbow Kids Yoga Inner Circle Membership. You will still be able to access the playlists on Spotify without a subscription, but they will only play on shuffle mode and ads come on every 30 minutes. A Spotify subscription is therefore highly recommended.

Find out more about the Inner Circle Membership here.

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