Superstar Senior Trainer Emma Miley

Not many people can say they feel better after a day’s work, Emma does!  When you love what you do the world gives back day after day, this is what happened when Emma got to blend her love of movement and kids.

Emma has been teaching kids throughout her life, her teachings have spanned across 20 years through a combination of dance and yoga. Emma’s dance, human movement, anatomy and yoga studies have been extensive, she is continually inspired to learn more and does, every day through her students as well as her teachers. Emma can’t wait to share the joys of teaching yoga with you.

It's no joking matter, Emma has a lot of fun at work!

Pretty inspiring, right? This month we asked Emma a few questions about what inspires her, and the gifts she shares with the world - here's what she had to say:

Soooo much. My family, friends, students, nature, animals, but especially my children. I love watching them grow into beautiful humans, strong, caring, loving, courageous and resilient. Their drive and determination to improve through learning, trying new things, not giving up, through this I witness them stepping into themselves and their own power and wisdom. They inspire me everyday. 

A playful curiosity for life. Allowing people to feel safe, loved and supported just as they are and what ever they come with. An entry into themselves with a sense of wonder and a release of judgement. 

My base is Hobart, Tasmania, the beautiful love heart shaped Island. I share the Rainbow love throughout Australia and New Zealand.


The jaw dropping Tasmania, Australia.

Emma also owns a yoga studio in Hobart, Tasmania: Yoga From The Heart

Address: Suite 7, 221 Macquarie St, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia (03) 6239 6211

Emma is ridiculously awesome and a huge inspiration to the entire Rainbow Yoga family, and her students.