Meddy Teddy Original Yoga Teddy Bear by Meddy Teddy

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Fulfilled by our friends at Meddy Teddy

Meddy Teddy is a loveable, bendable, fun plush teddy bear who loves to do yoga, meditate and practice mindfulness. 

❣️    Handmade with love

❣️    Embroidered Smile and Eyes

❣️    Trimmed by hand

❣️    Soft Plush Fur

❣️    Recycled Water Bottles

❣️    16” H – 32cm

❣️    Bendable Internal Frame

❣️    Design & Invention Patent 


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 "Meddy Teddy is my favorite addition to my class and my personal life! What a great reminder of the benefits of moving your body and calming the mind. Will definitely be adding Meddy Teddy into the class more often - the kids LOVED it!" 

~Naja Crawford, Meddy Teddy Customer

A portion of sales of Meddy Teddy goes to the Meddy Teddy Foundation.