Coconut Soup

coconut soup



1 TBS coconut milk, cook until fragrant. 1-2 kaffir lime leaves,  

2 thin slices of fresh ginger  

1 stick of lemongrass bruised.  

1 cup coconut milk 

1 cup water per person 

5 button mushrooms quartered 

½ Cup carrot or zucchini noodle strips (eas ily done with vegetable peeler)option ½ Cup Asian green 

¼ Cup bean shoots 

¼ Cup chopped coriander, mint, Thai basil  finely chopped 

1tsp of yellow curry paste per person (or  more if you like it hot)  


Fry curry paste per person (or more if  you like it hot) in coconut milk, cook until  fragrant. 

Add kaffir lime leaves, sliced ginger and  and stick of lemongrass.  

Add 1 cup coconut milk/ 1 cup water per  person, bring to simmer. 

Add button mushrooms, Asian greens,  bean shoots, any of your favourite veggies  really. 

I also add strips of carrot and zucchini  sliced into thin strips with a peeler. Stir through finely chopped coriander, mint,  Thai basil and serve. I always add extra  chilli, enjoy. 

Option to pop warm noodles in the bowl  before serving your soup.