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In our post called You Are Never Too Young, Or Too Old, To Do Yoga, we highlighted all the reasons why yoga is such an effective, accessible type of exercise for all ages. Yoga allows practitioners to get self-reflective in a nurturing, non-competitive environment; there’s no pressure to excel or become overly self-critical when you’re on the yoga mat. Moreover, yoga is a wonderful remedy for tension and pain caused by daily stressors — even simple poses can help you become stronger and more flexible. Having developed over thousands of years across different cultures, yoga is a tool for discovering our bodies and inner worlds.


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Naturally, we can see yoga’s appeal for parents who want to empower children with a sense of peace and mindfulness in a chaotic, fast-changing world. We can definitely see why yoga is likewise popular among celebrities, performers, and athletes as well. Here are four yoga-practicing stars who can inspire us to stick to the discipline of this workout:


LeBron James



For young boys aspiring to become the next Akron Hammer, let them know that yoga should be part of their training routine. According to Men’s Health, legendary basketball player LeBron James shared his exact daily workout and diet schedule on The Tim Ferriss Show — which included a cool down period of 15 to 30 minutes for yoga, although he practices yoga for 30 to 60 minutes on other days. For King James, yoga contributes to his stamina on the court and helps him build a mental attitude of presence. Clearly, the physical and mental discipline of consistent yoga practice pays off in high-stakes basketball.


Jessica Biel



Film and TV actress Jessica Biel is a fan of doing a few yoga classes during the week. Biel’s trainer, fitness expert Steve Zim writes in his book 6 Weeks to a Hollywood Body: Look Fit and Feel Fabulous with the Secrets of the Stars that many celebrities like Biel want to look good, feel healthy, and grow happier. Along with nutrition, workouts for cardio health, and exercises to sculpt their muscles, Biel incorporates yoga in her routine to find balance in her hectic life. Stressed-out kids may want to look to Biel as a fitness role model. Biel appreciates that yoga isn’t so intimidating, and that it lets her get back in touch with herself, her spirituality, and her community — even just for 20 minutes a day.






For young performers and musicians, few artists are probably as inspiring as Queen Bey herself. While Beyoncé likes variety in her workout routine, she’s known to include yoga as part of her health and fitness regimen, confidently flexing her skills in different poses on Instagram. In fact, CNN Business reports that at-home fitness company Peloton has signed a multi-year deal with the singer for a series of themed workout experiences, including yoga, being the company’s most-requested artist from its 3.6 million members. Moreover, Beyoncé-themed yoga classes are emerging in various parts of the world, helping make the practice more accessible for newcomers.




David Beckham


Budding soccer stars would be pleased to know that David Beckham is a fan of yoga, having found relaxation and strength through his practice. Beckham worked with world-renowned personal trainer and yoga teacher Shona Vertue, whom he credits to having changed his perspective on the practice. Beckham even endorsed Vertue’s book called Vertue Method, a reset plan that promises readers a stronger, fitter, and healthier body after 28 days. Vertue believes that exercise and fitness can help eliminate suffering for people, which is why the plan she laid out for Beckham includes yoga with “nourishing” through healthy eating, meditation, and plenty of rest.

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