Rainbow Yoga Magic - A Family Yoga Class

With Gopala Amir Yaffa, Rainbow Kids Yoga Founder

Life is magic!

What is the probability for life to be formed and in such a diverse way on a lonely planet at the corner of the universe? I don’t think that there is an answer to this… It must be magic!

Look at the human body - Such complexity to make all those parts work as a miraculous whole. Magic!

As grownups, most of us often lose the ability to look at life like this. We are just too busy and preoccupied. It seems like it is more natural for children to see this magic; that’s until we stress them all out, criticize them and tell them all the time what to do (it’s part of our job though somehow and done with good intentions).

How would you like to just float around for half an hour, not worry about anything and simply enjoy this magical feeling… How about the whole family doing it together?


Let's make some yoga magic together - It's going to be FUN!

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