Sydney, October 2022

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About the Course


This Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training in Sydney is designed for anyone who loves working with children, teens and/or families, are passionate about yoga, mindfulness and healthy living. During the course, you learn practical and fun ways to teach yoga to children of all ages. By doing this course you receive an array of up to date knowledge and techniques. You do not need to be a yoga teacher to take the course.

To make yoga digestible to children & teens, we spice it up with lots of interaction and fun. Take home yoga games, dance, music, songs, acrobalance, human pyramids and various ways to connect and use yoga as a means to teach important lessons; in age-appropriate ways.

Gopala Amir Yaffa, Rainbow Yoga Founder is recognised as the world’s leading Kids Yoga Teacher, having written the book on Kids Yoga and being the pioneer of global Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Read more about Gopala’s inspiring story here.

The 3 Day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive, intensive and practical certification course. Be prepared to learn to teach yoga, whilst laughing, dancing, playing and singing!

Most importantly, you will come out with immediate tangible knowledge and a lot of fabulous ideas to create original, captivating and fun yoga experiences for kids of all ages, anywhere in the world.

You do not need any previous yoga experience to take the training. We are here to provide you with all the support you need on your Yoga Teaching journey.

Course Details


October 28-30, 2022


Darlinghurst Community Space

277 Bourke Street
Darlinghurst 2010


We understand your hesitations due to Covid and we'll offer booking flexibility for any unexpected delay in the training date or your inability to travel that may happen for that reason.

Please see our COVID-19 Policy here.

Pay in Full $695 USD

Or 12 Month Payment Plan 55 USD x12 Months

Training Times

Friday -  9am-7:30pm - 10.5hr
Saturday - 9am-7:30pm - 10.5hr
Sunday - 8:30am-4:00pm  - 7.5hr

Free Family Class

Saturday at 6pm - Open for free to all students' families and friends.


Taught in English

Your Rainbow Yoga Senior Trainer for this training

Gopala Amir Yaffa - Rainbow Yoga Founder

Topics Covered in the Course

  • Develop different ways to connect with children, teens & families
  • Reconnect with your own inner child
  • Bring calmness and harmony to your family
  • Create a unique and fun yoga practice for yourself, your family or your students
  • Help battle obesity and foster better health in your classroom
  • Build a calm environment by learning techniques to alleviate stress and anxiety
  • Learn ways to cultivate focus and assist your students learning abilities
  • Create a new and unique yoga program for your school or daycare centre
  • Expand, enhance or start your yoga career
  • Reach out with your yoga to a large and eager audience; parents, families, children and schools
  • Create a new offering for your studio
  • Learn how to make yoga fun for students of all ages
  • The Benefits of Yoga for Kids
  • The Principles of Teaching Yoga for Kids
  • Teaching Techniques for Different Age Groups
  • How to Help Children Stay Longer in Poses
  • Learning Adjustments for Kids Yoga
  • Class Structure
  • Connecting and Warming Up
  • Relaxation Techniques for Kids
  • Class Management Techniques
  • Yoga for Children with Additional Needs
  • Live Classes in Action
  • Family Yoga for Parents, Grandparents and Children
  • How to Promote Your Yoga Business

Graduate Benefits

On completion of the Level 1, Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training you receive a Rainbow Kids Yoga Certificate that allows you to purchase professional insurance and teach children of all ages in a variety of environments such as schools, kindergartens, daycare centres, gyms, yoga studios, private classes, Zoom classes and more. 

But there is a lot more to learn with us to work with children with additional needs, children in the school environment and acquire tools and find inner talents that will make you the best kids yoga teacher in the universe! For this and more, we have our Level 2, 95hr Kids Yoga teacher training!


Rainbow Yoga Training is the largest and most well regarded Kids Yoga Teacher Training in the world. Our graduates teach everywhere using our diploma including; schools, kindergartens, daycare centres, early learning centres, Yoga studios, gyms, fitness centres, birthday parties, private and group classes.



Graduates receive the official Rainbow Teacher Training Digital Manual (Hard Copy Manual can be purchased) as part of the investment in this course. Consisting of 300 kids yoga asanas and hundreds of yoga, breathing and meditation games. Our Training Manual is the definitive guide to teaching children yoga.



If you are a certified yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals, Yoga Australia, Yoga Alliance USA or the Canadian Yoga Alliance, the 3-day Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training consists of 28 contact hours that can be contributed to your Yoga Continuing Education requirements.



Qualification from our4 Day Live Steam Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training will enable you to attend a Level 2, 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training (IN-PERSON OR ONLINE). Take the next step to come to your full potential as a yoga teacher and specialise in teaching yoga to children. Learn with our most Senior Trainers on this incredible journey that deepens your teaching practise and understanding yoga for children.



Rainbow Yoga is a unique style of communal and interactive yoga. Our yoga is all about connection, celebrating life and bringing people together. The 3-day Rainbow Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training is life-changing and will transform the lives of children in your family, school and community.


Rainbow Yoga is committed to providing the best children’s yoga teacher trainings worldwide. Upon successful completion of this course, you receive a Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. This certificate allows you to gain liability insurance (Please check conditions with your local insurance provider) and commence teaching! No Yoga Alliance registration is necessary.

Rainbow Kids Yoga is a Registered Yoga School for Children with Yoga Australia, Yoga Alliance Professionals, the Canadian Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance (USA). The 4 Day Live Steam Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training consists of 28 contact hours that can be contributed to your Yoga Continuing Education requirements. To find out more contact the Yoga Alliance in your region.


28 Hours of Continuing Education Towards Your Yoga Certification (AU/ UK/ USA/ CANADA)

If you are a certified yoga teacher with the Australian, UK, USA or Canadian Yoga Alliances, the 3 Day Kids Yoga Teacher Training consists of 28 contact hours that can be contributed to your Yoga Continuing Education requirements.


Pathway to our Level 2 Courses

A qualification from our 3 Day Kids Yoga Teacher Training will enable you to progress your yoga teaching skills through more advanced Rainbow Yoga courses such as our Level 2 Trainings and our Mentorship Program.


Life-Changing Experience

Rainbow Yoga is a unique style of communal and interactive yoga. Our yoga is all about connection, celebrating life and bringing people together. The 3 Day Kids Yoga Teacher Training is life-changing and will transform the lives of children in your family, school and community.

Rainbow Yoga accepts a range of payment methods and installment options.


You may pay tuition fees by

  • Credit/ Debit Card or PayPal on our website
  • 12 Month Payment Plan
  • Cash to the Rainbow Yoga Trainer on the first day of your course. Payment in the currency of the Training is accepted (please contact us to arrange cash payments)



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Paul Karantonis
A very helpful training program

I completed my face to face Rainbow Kids Yoga training course in 2014. It was a comprehensive 3 day program on how to deliver and structure a kids yoga class. Some of the key components continually sparked my creativity and helped me to visualise what a kids yoga class could look like for me and this was a big turning point in my early career. The instructor provided sound advice on how to deal with certain situations during a class and they were always more than happy to answer any questions I had. The course was engaging and relevant and it helped me take my next big step into the kids yoga industry so the outcome was very positive one for me. I have now been delivering kids yoga at Primary Schools in Australia for 10 years and the Rainbow Kids Yoga training was intrumental in getting me going.

Inspiring, fun and overall absolutely brilliant

Doing this training was actually my first step into a yoga teacher training - a step that I am so glad I took !
I was truly inspired by Gopala, by his beautifully way of seeing life and by his ease and passion to teach kids yoga in a way that is fun and so beneficial for them. I have met wonderful people in the room too!
The best thing that you get when leaving the training, is hope for our world: if everyone were to practice a bit of what Gopala teach, if all kids had access to movement, breath and body awareness, the results would be pure magic ❤️

Alana Tilly
Most amazing kids yoga teacher training!

I had such a wonderful experience during my kids yoga training in Sydney. I have already highly recommended the training to many contacts and friends, and share about the invaluable insight and skills we learnt. It really opened my eyes to the important aspects for teaching children yoga, as my skills develop I hope to do further training to learn more. In addition, the friends that I made at the course have remained in touch and one of them became a close friend who visits often and we have helped each other with our yoga ventures. Many thanks to Gopala!