FREE 14-Day Quarantine Survival Course with Rainbow Yoga Training

Thrive and Survive Through Quarantine

Fourteen transformative days of finding stillness, connection, calm, mindfulness, and movement while protecting yourself and others during quarantine period.

 Learn techniques and get daily support

on how to cultivate patience, kindness, self-love, creativity, joy, inner peace despite the high risk of loneliness, lack of motivation, anxiety, self-doubt, and depression.

Get tools from his life as a monk 

and later on as a father to do his best, like many of you all around the world, to thrive through this experience of spending a lot of time with yourself in a small space. 

 You may be experiencing a similar situation due to COVID and together with Gopala you'll be able to come out of it stronger than ever before 


Use this experience to:

🌈Open rather than close

🌈Expand rather than contract

🌈Thrive rather than just survive

🌈Grow instead of withering away


Day 1: Hey me, who am I? How am I?


Day 2: Yoga Bootcamp


Day 3: Climbing up the walls.



Day 4: Be your own sunshine.



Day 5: There is nothing to fix. You are perfect as you are!



Day 6: If you fall, you get up!



Day 7: Don't worry, be happy!



Day 8: Self-nurturing



Day 9: An attitude of gratitude.



Day 10: Express yourself!



Day 11: Yoga sloths.



Day 12: Yoga Fight Club



Day 13: Love like a puppy dog.



Day 14: Resilience.




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