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Kindred Spirit Sanctuary - Rainbow Yoga Training


Read about touching stories about the bond formed between animals and humans below:




Hello darling Kindred Family,

We are hoping you are receiving these special stories with a big smile on your face and a warm feeling in your hearts!

We warmly welcome Rick into our Kindred family, thank you Rick from deep within our hearts for making a difference in the lives of everyone here at Kindred.

My what a journey September has been, you might need some tissues, grab a cuppa, here we go!

Let’s start with celebrating our beautiful friend Manny!

Manny & Angel ~ our last kiss.


Last kiss for Manny - Kindred Spirit Sanctuary - Rainbow Yoga Training



I’m candidly sharing with you our very last kiss, the moment she grew her wings and gently slipped away from our earthly world.

We want to thank you for all of the love and support you gave Manny, as you know she came to us with very bad head injuries and was paralysed down one side of her body. She was quiet and nervous. It did not take long for Manny to come into her full bloom. She quickly became bossy, sassy, loud, walking proudly and tall. Manny had a special way of being able to communicating with humans, quickly we learned she loved blueberries and disliked carrots if they weren’t organic!

New Woman!


New Woman Manny - Kindred Spirit Sanctuary - Rainbow Yoga Training


What a woman! Manny enjoyed her haircut just a few weeks ago here at Kindred, it was actually the closest she ever got to her sheep family, she stood close by seeming to offer comfort to her friends. We were so proud of her this day and every day she choose to be a little braver.


Manny carefully watches over Willow.

Willow getting a shave - Kindred Spirit Sanctuary - Rainbow Yoga Training


Gopala lovingly made grassy beds all around Kindred Cottage to make sure every area she chose to rest was comfortable, her chicken friends really enjoyed hanging out with her on these too.


Manny, Marmalade & Sienna

Manny, Marmalade, and Sienna - Kindred Spirit Sanctuary - Rainbow Yoga Training


I could share a million more photos and memories with you here, but it’s hard to see through my tears right now. Manny stole my heart and to say it has been broken into a billion pieces is an understatement. We love you, Manny.


Mias Spa Day


Mia's Spa Day - Kindred Spirit Sanctuary - Rainbow Yoga Training


Darling Mia needed a bath this week, she had quite an upsetting experience.

We noticed Mia has been missing throughout the day and coming home in the evenings to sleep. She had been trying to hatch a clutch of her eggs. Sadly for her, they became very old and one broke, causing her to become very distressed and smelly. We respectfully buried the rest of her very old eggs right next to Manny.

We soaked her almost fully immersed in a bath of warm water with Epsom salts, lavender and tea tree oil, trying to relax her, soothe her nervous system and kill the bacteria that was under her breast. We soaked her three times until the water ran clear, she settled quickly and loved the experience of being in the water.

We blow-dried her gently and now she is happy to be back with her chicken friends.

Mumma Betty and her children


Mumma Betty and her children - Kindred Spirit Sanctuary - Rainbow Yoga Training


Betty has also been up to similar mischief and we know having babies on a sanctuary is a big no-no. But sometimes it’s impossible to fight nature. The mothering instinct in chickens is strong, Betty is a beautiful brave Mother, against all odds and the natural predators, she hatched her children. Deep in the Kindred forest and it is honestly a miracle they survived, we consider them a true blessing are and they are all welcomed into our hearts and will live here with their Mum and chicken families for the rest of their lives.


Millie, Rumi & Sabu

The divas Millie, Rubi, and Sabu - Kindred Spirit Sanctuary - Rainbow Yoga Training


My goodness, yes, all three little divas are on the ramp!

It seems the fight for being the dominator of the ramp has settled and even the three bottom of the goaty family ranking are getting a go now.

The tree stars a blooming on the tree behind them, the spring grass is up, everyone is settled. Gopala has put new salt licks in and Karl in particular is in love with them, he is spending most of his days licking away at his pink salty lollipop.


Karl & his new joy!

Karl and his new joy - Kindred Spirit Sanctuary - Rainbow Yoga Training


Happiness abounds in the cows' pasture, there is peace, lots of food, warm evenings and many opportunities for scratches and love. Pearl, Vali, Shiloh & Shanti are a beautiful family. Valentino is slowing down, being the ripe older age of 16, he prefers to be handfed (twice a day!) while the others head off into the forest and foraged for the day after breakfast of course and then return for dinner!


Vali at the front with Pearl, Shiloh & Shanti running down for breakfast!

Vali, Pearl, Shiloh, Shanti - Kindred Spirit Sanctuary - Rainbow Yoga Training


Shearing also happened this month for everyone, it's always a very stressful time, we have the very best Shearer, still, Rosie sustained a cut that needed six stitches, she has healed well. Everyone is much happy to have their winter coats off as we are already experiencing 32’C days here in Byron Bay, they don't hold onto the experience and are cuddled and loved throughout. It is not long before they are back all grazing happily together


Baby Laila, Gerard, Manny & Gopala


Yes, he is a pirate duck! Darling Tooli is doing sooo well. We have been working very hard together learning hand signals and voice commands to help him with his over excitedness and little love bites.


Tooli is so intelligent and loves being mentally stimulated, he believes (and is) an integral part of making the sanctuary work. He takes flying from pasture to pasture at feeding time very seriously, morning and night, arriving just as the humans are feeding everyone, he remembers the order and directions we go as well.


Clever Tooli and his human.



Who is cute?.....

Sunny & Pheebs of course, doing just fine!



And of course in true peafowl royal style, the peafowl families favourite hang out is their day bed. Everyone is doing really well here too.



Did you know peafowl love to sit in the most important spots of the sanctuary? It's a very funny part of their personalities and the roof is a favourite in the morning, it sounds like huge dinosaurs are landing on our roof!


Prince Azul showing off.



And we have one more special thing to share with you dear friends. We have a new family member coming this month. Her name is Rainbow, she is beautiful, she needs a whole lot of love and she also needs to loose about 45kgs and have a good brush too, we can't wait to share more of her story with you.


Sweet Rainbow


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We love you so much.

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We are here for you too xx And appreciate you so much, with your support we can continue our work.

Sanctuary expenses this month were $1092.78 please see the financial report for the finer details.


We love you!!!!

Have a beautiful month!

All our love and gratitude

Angel & your Kindred Spirit Family

Love of my life 💝


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