Rainbow Kids Yoga Birth & Growth

Gopala Amir Yaffa

My first insight into yoga was through my music practice. I went to a music high school, and at the age of 13 my guitar teacher was the first to introduce me to meditation as a way to prepare myself before concerts. 

Music itself was always very meditative for me, but I totally took on the practice of meditation from the first day I learnt it and did not miss even one day of it for over fifteen years… that is until I had kids (which I now have four of) and had to make some major adjustments to my practice ;-)

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I started teaching kids yoga even before I taught yoga for adults… I replaced the local yoga centre’s teacher in a children’s yoga class when he was sick and continued it from then. I was 16 years old at the time.

I was a monk for 10 years at the Sivananda Ashram, but even there I have always been the person who made sure that everyone was happy (if they wanted to)… and yes, not only through meditation but also through having some fun!

Monk or not, grownups always seemed waaaaaaaaaaay too serious to me! Spirituality is about being happy and enjoying the moment and enjoying yourself! …But grownups get caught in the details and the rules and they forget to just be.


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After leaving the Ashram I had a couple of yoga centres and then I founded Rainbow Kids Yoga in 2007 after I lost a baby girl at 5 months in utero… It was a difficult and transformative experience for me and it was then that I decided to dedicate my whole being to kids yoga.

Rainbow kids yoga has grown so much in the last 15 years and we have trained now about 35,000 yoga teachers in almost every country in the world!

I owe a lot of our success to my wise and beautiful wife Angel who co-directs Rainbow Kids Yoga with me and have always encouraged me along the way while sharing her warmth and kindness with all of our students. Could not have done it without her!


Angel Yaffa and sheep rainbow yoga training

Rainbow Kids Yoga is about living life to its fullest, learning and experiencing life through fun!

Rainbows are bright, colourful, happy, and fun. They are a sign of peace, a sign of hope and a sign of change.  We all need peace and hope and change… Grownups are rigid; children are faster to change. We really have a lot to learn from kids, moving from a grey and cloudy sky to a bright and sunny one, with a Rainbow!



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