COVID-19 Policy

Hello and welcome back!

This past year and a bit have been a rollercoaster and we wish to work together with you and the rest of the world to help and return into a new and better normal.

When attending an in-person training, please be aware of the following guidelines:

1. OF EXTREME IMPORTANCE: Do not attend if feeling unwell. You will be asked to leave if you are showing any COVID symptoms.

2. Hand sanitizer will be available at the reception area and the classroom and we ask that you use it every time you enter or re-enter the classroom.

3. We are committed to keeping high levels of hygiene during the training, and we ask that you help us by bringing your own yoga mat and caring for it to be sanitized as well.

4. We understand your hesitations due to COVID-19 and we'll offer booking flexibility for any unexpected delay in the training date or your inability to travel or attend that may happen for that reason.