Life Lessons within the 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training

If you have taken our first level Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training you will know the answer to this question:

What is the most important element of teaching yoga to children? 


Fun is not a frivolous thing. Fun usually involves other people, it’s a social endeavor, and here is where we learn most of life's lessons. 

There are important benefits of spending time on our own, taking a step back, reflecting, figuring it out and getting to know yourself. But until this is all put into practice in day to day life, through our interactions with family, friends and community, the lessons are sometimes of little use. You may think you have conquered anger by reflection, meditation and mindfulness practices. Or by spending lots of time by yourself in nature. But when you step back into the world, someone pushes your buttons or steps on your toes it can simply fall apart. 

Believe me, I know, I was a monk for 10 years. 

The real test of yogic virtues is being able to, more or less, stay happy, peaceful, content and balanced no matter what happens here and now or who you are surrounded by. 

Being perfect is not the goal. No one is perfect. Life is too complex to be perfect, and there is a lot to learn from the imperfections that occur. 

Without these experiences and nothing ever happening to you, you may have nothing to teach. 

This is what makes our 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training stand out. Here you learn how to transmit essential life lessons that you have learnt to the next generation. 

The 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training explores teaching valuable life lessons with kids yoga concepts that have a positive impact on children, their families and communities. 

As grownups we have all kinds of experiences, having learned from these experiences we all have something to give and teach. Sometimes these important life lessons aren’t being taught at home or at school, yet they do come through with Rainbow Kids Yoga. 

At school we learn facts, subjects and information. Sometimes the key life lessons are missed such as communication skills, kindness, consideration, negotiation, compromise, compassion and managing our emotions and their expressions. The list goes on as there are many concepts and life lessons that we as yoga teachers can offer from our own life experience through the dynamic teaching style of Rainbow Yoga. 

At home, even with the best intentions, as parents we can be too busy, too distracted and guide our children with lots of words, always telling them what to and not to do. 

How often have you learnt things in life just by someone telling you what to do?

Mostly we learn from experience not by being told what to do. 

The beauty of being a kids yoga teacher is having the tools to teach life’s lessons in a way that they can be retained. Often we don’t need to talk a lot, we don’t give big lectures, instead the learning is experiential. We move through the lesson, it is kinesthetic and somatic learning which really engages children. 

The learning is done through sharing our communal knowledge, through play, interaction, drama, storytelling and guided imagery. We use symbolism from the shapes and feelings that the yoga poses create in our bodies. Mindfulness is also a powerful tool. 

When we are mindful of a certain issue, we can start taking the steps to create the related necessary changes inside of us and within our communities, out into the world! 

Knowledge is power. When we don’t know something, we are controlled by it, be it an emotion or a social agreement. With mindfulness, by bringing our awareness to critical elements of our inner and outer world, all of the secrets of those universes are revealed to us and we are able to step into a place where we can make more positive mindful choices.

In our 95 Hour Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training you will learn many techniques of teaching yoga to children with additional needs, teaching yoga to children in the hospital, yoga at school, elements of making yoga even more cool and awesome for teens, mindfulness techniques, storytelling and drama skills, yoga anatomy and physiology. You gain a lot of conscious teaching practice and more. Our main focus though is to help you find meaning and learn to teach classes that are transformative and that make a difference. 

Because, with yoga, you can make a difference!

Learn to teach children lessons that allow them to relate better to themselves, to everyone around them and make their communities and the world a better place.

With Rainbow Kids Yoga, we pass on fantastic values and wisdom in a way that actually works.

Yoga can make the world a better place for all of us and for the generations to come.

By Gopala Amir Yaffa, Founder of Rainbow Yoga